Any business profits when it makes it presence online. The number of users on the Internet is increasing rapidly. People now use Internet to search for local businesses, services and other options. Trillions of searches are made all over the world monthly on search engines. Most of these searches go in looking for local businesses and services.

For any brand or business, a website is very crucial and important. It allows someone to know about the business without even actually contacting it or visiting it. A website is a platform to show the best of a business without actually interacting with the clients/customers. As more and more businesses build websites, the competition is growing fierce.

Therefore, at Susankya Tech we believe such a crucial thing should be done with great expertise and care. The actual building of the website isn’t as important as the strategy, the implementation and the thought behind it. We put equal focus in the contents, the design and the user experience. Our websites are fully SEO (Search Engine Optimization) compatible. SEO as of today, is a 70 billion dollar business all over the world. With SEO, websites and businesses are ranked higher in the search engines. Because of SEO, more and more visitors convert into regular clients. Today, on an average a good business spends more than 40% on SEO and online marketing.

SEO starts first with the content and the development of website. We make sure these small details are never missed. Website design is not as simple as people make it to be. It involves a lot of things such as the ones mentioned above.

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