School Management System or Institute Management System is an online school management with the help of interactive tools. Institute Management System covers College Management System and Consultancy Management System too. This system helps to digitize all the day-to-day activities of any institute. The school staff and admin can easily manage different areas of a school. Some of these areas are Attendance Management, Result, Routines, Notices, Events, Library Management and many more.

School Management System is available on both the platforms: Web and Mobile. Students, parents, staff and admin can access their accounts from both the Mobile application and the website. It has become a very useful system in many schools all over the world because of its simplicity, low costs and high efficiency. It also adds facilities to students and parents.

Susankya Tech provides state-of-art solution to management of school activities with Digital School, a professional school management system that works on both web and mobile platforms.

The name, Digital School summarizes the objective of this system. With our school management system, any school can work totally digitally and maintain its activities and perform record-keeping with much ease.

How is it beneficial to schools? As students are getting more and more access to technological advancements, it is important that they use these advancements to keep in touch with their main goal: school learning and education. Also, parents need to take a lot of care of their children and focus most on their education and health. With Digital School, parents can know a lot about the school’s activities and their children’s performance using this system. In short, Digital School is a new “facility” that a school can provide which every parent is going to love.

Also, our system is totally affordable and best value for money. We know you will really love our Digital School because we have received near to 100% positive feedback from our clients. Contact us today at +977 9815329169 or +977 015-201156. You can email us at for more details.

Some major features of the Institute Management System are:
– Notice Management System with File Attachments
– Exam results
– Class routines
– Attendance Management System
– Library Management System
– Bulk SMS Systems
– Events Management System
– Instant Messaging/Chatting System
– Hostel Management System
– HR Management System
– Students Fee & Billing System
– Payroll Management System
– Many more…