Today, more and more information is read and accessed on the Internet than anywhere else. Newspapers, magazines and flyers have lost the charm and frequency they had some years ago. Our suite of News and Media contains a Website, a web portal to maintain the website and Mobile application.

It may be difficult to maintain the system as it may be to collect and update the information. Therefore, let us worry about the development and strategy of the system. Our team of experts deliver the best content-compatible website and mobile application.

If you’re looking to build a news website, you’re in the right place. We recommend building both the website and applications because today more users search on Mobile than they do on laptops and desktops, therefore an application makes it very easier for them to directly access the news content.

1. Website and web portal
– Category-wise news
– Social media sharing with analytics
– Google Maps integration
– Ad compatible
– Mobile responsive
– Fully dynamic
– Multiple languages compatible
– Super-powerful and robust Admin panel

2. Android application
– Fully native Android application on Play Store
– Multiple languages compatible
– Browse by categories and dates
– Push notifications etc.
– Ad compatible
– Lightweight and mobile data compatible

Susankya Tech supports and powers some of the popular news websites. You can visit Yuba Hunkar and News Jhapa to learn more.