E-commerce is arguably the world’s largest Internet business as of today. E-commerce is the selling and buying of the goods through Internet.

In 2012, for the first time in history, the total e-commerce sales crossed 1 trillion dollars. This data tells us how gigantic this platform is. Growing an e-commerce business starts with the right platforms on the Internet. Often businesses start with a Facebook page or similar, or better, a website, but the best approach is to build a platform that has both a website and a mobile application.

We have a perfect but simple package for website, an admin panel and Android application. It is a lightweight but totally powerful and scalable system that was designed for growing businesses.

(both app and website)
– Products by categories, sub-categories and more levels
– Search feature
– Orders management
– Product images, description and many more
– Statistics and analytics
– More features according to your need