The CMST Student Portal app is fully integrated with your CMST account. The CMST Student Portal app is branded for your consultancy meaning:

  • You will have your own consultancy’s app on Google Play store and Apple App Store
  • Your consultancy’s website will be fully integrated to the app
  • Your students shall receive real-time notifications and updates regarding their process and activities from the app

Also, you can manage all the details shown in your app directly from your CMST account. Head over to “Mobile App” section in CMST to add notices, see the registered students, requested appointments and many more.

The Student Portal app is a revolutionary tool for any consultancy. Students can easily get in touch with consultancy by scanning a QR code from the app. The QR code is available from the student’s profile on CMST. After student scans the QR code, the student is verified and can now  receive real-time updates and notifications about their activities.

Therefore, you don’t have to worry about informing the students anymore! Whenever there are updates in the profile of any applicant, they are notified through the app.

One of the greatest benefits of the CMST Student Portal app is online recognition and marketing. Digital marketing is a great strategy for boosting any business. Therefore we strongly recommend you to subscribe to CMST as well as the CMST Student Portal app.

We already have major clients such as KIEC (Kathmandu Infosys), Cambridge Education, Mate’s Education, Grace International Education, Royal Education Foundation and 20+ other clients who have subscribed to the CMST Student Portal app.

Quick Links

All apps on Play Store (Android)

All apps on App Store (iOS) 

Fully integrated with CMST

– Real-time notice updates (You can include files in the notices)

– Full consultancy details with Maps, Viber and WhatsApp integration

– Student verification with QR Code

– Classes details

– Payments details

– VISA Processing details

– Files uploading directly from app (Students can share documents with the consultancy)

– Miscellaneous details such as Test scores, enrolled courses etc.

– Appointment details and reminder to student

– Test dates details and reminder

– Real-time Chatting

– Appointment booking from app by student

– Consultancy’s abroad section (found in CMST), countries, courses and other details integrated with app

– Consultancy’s website fully integrated with the app

– Real-time Push notifications for all activities so that the student stays up-to-date