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E-commerce has become the biggest Internet marketing till date with over $1 trillion of sales. Online shopping in Nepal is a common trend too, now. Especially in Kathmandu, Online shopping websites and apps are being launched everyday.


People who are in the online shopping business in Kathmandu usually manage their inventory and orders from Facebook and Instagram pages. But, this becomes very inefficient over a long period of time because Facebook doesn’t help create a brand alone. For a brand that focuses on e-commerce, a website is undoubtedly required. To top it off, mobile apps are becoming more prominent in this field too. There are more searches on mobile devices than there are on desktops and laptops.


If you own and run an online shopping business, get your website and app built now! With Susankya Tech’s excellent services and a creative team of experts, you will get the best website for your business along with a fully functional mobile app. We always keep our charges at bare minimum because we don’t want to build capital, we want to build long-lasting relations with our clients. We want to grow together with our clients’ growth.


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